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AAIS Program Named Elite 50 Internship

Feb 23, 2021 / by AAIS posted in Community, Insurance News/Current Events, COVID-19, AAIS Culture, Industry, AAIS News & Views, Leadership, AAIS Views


When COVID-19 hit, not only did it wreak havoc on the job market, but on internship programs as well. Thousands of programs were terminated, as organizations scrambled to adjust to the pandemic and remote workforce. AAIS was one organization that kept its internship programs humming along remotely. Its commitment to continuing its quality internship program earned AAIS recognition when it was named to the Rising Insurance Star Executives (RISE) list of Elite 50 Internships.

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Agile Methodology

Jan 25, 2021 / by AAIS posted in Issues & Trends, Working in Insurance, AAIS Culture, Agile, Remote Work, Distributed Workforce, AAIS Views


At AAIS, we’re continually refining our industry-leading products to better serve our Members, developing new products to respond to a quickly changing industry, and building new processes to deliver the best-in-class service and support our Members have come to expect.

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How AAIS's Expertise in Remote Work can be Applied to Remote Learning

Jan 15, 2021 / by AAIS posted in Community, Insurance News/Current Events, AAIS Culture, P&C Insurers, Remote Work, Distributed Workforce, AAIS Views


COVID-19 has caused an abundance of challenges for businesses everywhere. With protective restrictions, nonessential businesses were forced to send employees home and, in many cases, shut down due to the threat of the rapidly spreading virus. These businesses deemed "nonessential," however, are essential to the livelihoods of many, leaving businesses in a state of panic. How were they to continue when they couldn't remain open? Many businesses that could feasibly function as a remote workforce have attempted the transition, and as COVID-19's threats persist, many schools have made the decision as well.

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AAIS Learning-Pandemic Coverage in the Age of COVID-19
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