Making Wildfire Mitigation Meaningful: AAIS Addresses California’s Mandatory Wildfire Mitigation Credits Regulation

Jun 14, 2023 / by AAIS posted in Personal Lines, AAIS Webinar Series, Regulation, wildfire, Actuarial, California


As part of the AAIS Webinar Series, AAIS hosted a virtual presentation on June 6, 2023, regarding California’s Mandatory Wildfire Mitigation Credits regulation. AAIS industry leaders, Robin Westcott, Vice President of Government Affairs, Legal & Compliance/General Counsel, Linda Jancik, Product Manager of Personal Lines, Mike Payne, Chief Pricing Actuary, and Matt Hinds-Aldrich, Senior Risk Strategy Lead, presented an overview of how the regulation was addressed across impacted programs from both a product and actuarial perspective. The panel also focused on the consumer notice requirement, highlighting how notice design can help motivate consumer action to complete wildfire mitigations on their properties. Panelists shared a notice template developed in response to this regulation that can easily be used and adapted in response to this regulation.

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