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Defining the Future of Insurance Through The Power of Community

Mar 6, 2024 / by John Kadous posted in Community, AAIS Insights, membership, Insurance Advisory, All Access Membership


Growth opportunities in the insurance industry can be fleeting. When insurers see potential, they need to move fast, take advantage of every opportunity, and capture markets quickly. Insurers succeed when they deliver optimal value to policyholders with coverage that addresses their needs clearly and effectively.

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A Modern Membership: The Pathway to the Future of Insurance

Feb 10, 2021 / by AAIS posted in openIDL, Community, Insurance News/Current Events, P&C Insurers, membership, Benefits, AAIS Views, Modern Advisory Services, All Access Membership


At AAIS, we are focused on delivering a Member experience that reflects the changing nature of insurance and the shifting needs of our Members as well as the insurance community. Our Members have expressed concerns about the value delivered by antiquated advisory models. Now, we’re responding with an innovative new approach to advisory services…our All Access Advisory Membership.  

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A Community Minded AAIS Membership

Dec 28, 2020 / by AAIS posted in openIDL, Community, Technology, Industry Associations, P&C Insurers, Industry, AAIS Insights, membership, AAIS Views, All Access Membership


From neighborhoods and schools to clubs and teams, communities are important. Communities come in many forms, and nearly everyone is a part of at least one. When our Members join AAIS, they are welcomed into a mutually beneficial community of practice, all focused on transparency, collaboration, and cooperation.

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