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Community Risk Reduction: A Paradigm Changing Public Fire Protection

Apr 4, 2024 / by Matt Hinds-Aldrich posted in Community, New/Emerging Risks, Fire, Risk, risk mitigation, risk awareness service, FLAMES, AAIS Risk Awareness Service, Fire Mitigation


Over the past decade, there has been a new paradigm emerging in the American fire service. This paradigm shift is often referred to as Community Risk Reduction, or simply CRR. The genesis of this change comes from the British fire service, where in the early 2000s the central government mandated that local fire services meet challenging fire reduction targets or face substantial budget cuts. These fire reduction targets were initially dismissed as absurd by fire personnel who had seen limited success in their legacy fire prevention efforts and assumed people were going to continue to make bad choices and fires would continue to happen unabated. However, given that they were facing potentially daunting cuts, the fire services across the UK got creative. They figured out what strategies actually worked, and they started seeing substantial reductions in fires countrywide. What they originally dismissed as absurd ended up turning into a nearly 60% reduction in the total number of fires across the country and nearly a 40% reduction in primary dwelling fires[i] over the initial ten-year period. Meanwhile, during that same period, according to the NFPA’s annual fire loss reports, the number of fire incidents in the U.S. remained largely unchanged[ii].

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Wind or Water? Breaking Down Slab Claims After Hurricanes

Sep 15, 2021 / by Matt Hinds-Aldrich posted in Issues & Trends, Homeowners, New/Emerging Risks, P&C Insurers, AAIS Insights, Insurance Line of Business, Flood Insurance, flood, talent, risk mitigation, hurricanes, hurricane resource center, slab claim, risk awareness service, catastrophe, national flood insurance program, NatCats, AAIS Risk Awareness Service, AAIS Hurricane Resource Center, AAIS Hurricane Live Tracker


Risk Management Service Inc. (RMS) estimates $25 billion to $35 billion in onshore and offshore insured losses in the Gulf of Mexico alone were caused by Hurricane Ida. This doesn’t include the damage to other parts of the country. While the fundamentals of hurricanes are widely understood these days, there remain several important nuances to hurricane losses that are essential to understand for insurers, regulators, and the general public alike. Here we will look at one less understood type of claim from hurricanes – slab claims.

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