IMUA Vice President Shares Inland Marine Market Trends, Climate Change Impacts, and Tech Innovations Ahead of Annual Meeting

Apr 10, 2024 / by AAIS posted in Technology, Inland Marine, Climate Change, Blockchain, IMUA, Artificial Intelligence, Inflation, Analytics


AAIS spoke with Lillian Colson, Vice President and Secretary of Inland Marine Underwriters Association (IMUA), the national association for the commercial inland marine insurance industry in the U.S. Colson discussed trends shaping today’s inland marine market, effects of climate change on inland marine, the use of data and technology tools, and what’s new at IMUA, including its upcoming Annual Meeting.

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Tapoly CEO Shares How Insurance Companies Can Achieve Efficiency Utilizing Automated Technology

May 18, 2023 / by Janthana Kaenprakhamroy posted in Insights, Technology, Issues & Trends, Data & Technology, Insurtech, Blockchain, AAIS News & Views, AAIS Insights, Data/Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Analytics, Tapoly


For the second part of our blog series featuring Tapoly, the digital provider of flexible insurance products and insurance technology solutions, CEO Janthana Kaenprakhamroy gives insight into how insurance companies can utilize automated technology to achieve efficiency. Kaenprakhamroy delves into how this technology can be utilized, where to apply these solutions within a company, obstacles insurers may face, and how SaaS solutions can help.

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AAIS Webinar ft. BriteCore: How Leading Mutual Insurers Leverage Analytics to Improve Performance

Apr 6, 2023 / by AAIS posted in Data, AAIS Webinar Series, BriteCore, Statistical Reporting, Analytics


On Thursday, February 16, 2023, AAIS presented a webinar in partnership with BriteCore, the modern core platform for P&C insurers. Hosted by John Kadous, Vice President of Products at AAIS, and moderated by Amede Hungerford, Chief Marketing Officer at BriteCore, the discussion covered how top-performing companies leverage analytics to improve their business performance. Attendees learned cutting-edge techniques from industry peers on how to 'light up' their data and generate new insights; how reports, analytics, and dashboards each have an essential role to play in daily operations; and best practices from two leading mutual insurers that use BriteCore to guide their business. 

Panelists included Alex Gann, Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer of Farmers Fire Insurance, and Scott Page, Vice President of Cameron Mutual.

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