Design Thinking

Design Thinking: A Human-Centric Framework for Problem Solving

Aug 20, 2020 / by Truman Esmond posted in openIDL, Community, Issues & Trends, Insurtech, IoT, Working in Insurance, P&C Insurers, Innovation, Design Thinking, AAIS News & Views, AAIS Insights, Executive, AAIS Views


Design Thinking is a practical and creative approach to problem solving, used in industries and organizations searching for new, customer-centric ways to enhance the customer experience. Design Thinking aims to better understand consumers' needs and formulate an innovative solution for them. When utilized properly, this framework allows organizations to create faster, more profitable innovations at a more efficient rate. At AAIS, Design Thinking helps formulate innovative insurance solutions, such as the openIDL distributed ledger technology for regulatory reporting in 2018.

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Leveraging Insurtech Capabilities

Oct 7, 2019 / by Truman Esmond posted in openIDL, Community, Technology, Issues & Trends, Data & Technology, Insurance News/Current Events, Tech News, Insurtech, IoT, Innovation, Design Thinking, Data/Tech, AAIS Views


“Insurtech.” It’s a buzzword that’s ricocheting across the insurance industry. But what does it really mean, and how can regulators and carriers leverage insurtech to support their goals and objectives?

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