COVID-19 Massive Industry Impact and Emerging Trends...An Analyst Perspective

Jul 9, 2020 / by AAIS posted in Community, Issues & Trends, Events, Insurance News/Current Events, AAIS Event Archive, COVID-19, Regulatory/Compliance, Telematics, P&C Insurers, Industry, 2020 VME, VJDowling, reinsurance, AAIS Views, hurricanes, NatCats


Recently, Dowling and Partners’ Gary Ransom spoke to AAIS CEO and President Ed Kelly during the Virtual Main Event, discussing how COVID-19 will touch nearly every aspect of the insurance ecosystem. The impact is pervasive. In fact, according to Mr. Ransom, the COVID-19 pandemic is on track to become the largest insurance event in history, according to one industry expert.

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The Budding Potential of Vertical Farming

Jun 18, 2020 / by Rich Pelkofsky posted in Issues & Trends, COVID-19, New/Emerging Risks, Climate Change, Farm & Ag, Farming, 2020 VME, Laurus Insurance, reinsurance, AAIS Views, Vertical Farming


Climate change continues to wreak havoc on farm and agriculture businesses. With increasingly unpredictable weather, destructive storms, and a decrease in natural resources, the farm & ag industry is scrambling to find a more reliable way to farm– one that would protect the industry from a quickly changing world.

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AAIS Learning-Pandemic Coverage in the Age of COVID-19
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