Getting Technical: How openIDL Came to Life

Oct 5, 2021 / by Isaac Kunkel, Chainyard

openIDL, the groundbreaking blockchain technology AAIS developed to streamline regulatory reporting and connect data across the insurance industry has a chance to revolutionize the entire insurance ecosystem. When you peek behind the curtain, you see just how much went into building out this platform collaboratively with stakeholders in the insurance and technology world.

In a recent blog on written by Chainyard SVP Isaac Kunkel, we learn about AAIS’s unique partnership with Chainyard, a Digital Transformation organization specializing in blockchain technology selected to facilitate openIDL’s production launch.

“After undertaking the project, Chainyard’s objective was to successfully facilitate openIDL’s production launch,” Kunkel explains. He describes in depth the technical, complicated nature of the project. In the end Chainyard delivered: “…an Amazon Web Services (AWS)-hosted AAIS Node, Analytics Node, and Carrier-Specific Nodes (each in their own AWS account), Hyperledger Fabric deployed on AWS using Blockchain Automation Framework (BAF), IaC scripts, and supporting documentation.”

While the work was complex, it was critical to the delivery of openIDL. All the while, an agile methodology was utilized to ensure on-time and in-scope delivery. Opening up the hood on this blockchain/distributed ledger technology demonstrated how openIDL creates a secure and trustworthy environment in which carriers and regulators can harmoniously operate.

To learn more, read the entire blog post on, and check out the latest from AAIS on AAIS Views.Read blog

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Isaac Kunkel, Chainyard

Written by Isaac Kunkel, Chainyard

Isaac Kunkel is Senior Vice President of Consulting Services at Chainyard. He most recently served at TiVo as Senior Director of Engineering Operations and Services working in the Advanced Search and recommendations business unit. Chainyard is a leading digital transformation company with a niche focus on blockchain. They offer a breadth of digital transformation consulting services to help transform and modernize to unlock business value.

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