Keeping Pace with the Evolving Auto Industry

Nov 2, 2021 / by Ash Naik

A Fast-Moving Auto Industry Presents Challenges and Opportunities

The automotive industry transformation continues to have significant repercussions in the insurance industry. With improving sophistication in car technology, telematics, andViewpoint Masthead Graphic consumer behaviors, insurance carriers face new and unprecedented challenges spanning the entire lifecycle of the policy from research to claims. Still, personal and commercial auto insurance remain the industry bellwether as the largest product lines accounting for more than $300 billion in annual premiums.

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Online auto policy purchases continue to grow with the latest research citing 43% of consumers shopping online – a trend that is expected to increase in the coming years. Further, usage-based insurance (UBI) awareness and penetration seems to be on the rise with the major carriers modifying the traditional policy with a pay-as-you-use option.

Carriers also continue to look for effective ways to leverage telematics to offer new insurance models, using data to better identify factors that can improve the risk management function.

AAIS – Helping Map a Speedy Course to Success

As a Member-focused organization, AAIS is committed to offering modern, flexible, cost-effective, community driven, and nonproprietary auto solutions. We’ve sped up delivery of programs for all jurisdictions across the United States to help our Members provide new offerings, or complement existing ones, both in the personal and commercial auto space. We see a huge opportunity in leveraging technology that enables AAIS Members to be more competitive in the marketplace.

Additionally, we are monitoring trends in the regulatory environment. We want to empower our Members to stay compliant, to be on the positive side of actions being taken to remove any societal bias (e.g., access, affordability) from within the industry, and to be best prepared to gain significant market share and offer better coverage and prices for the risks they take.

We offer a comprehensive suite of forms and endorsements, up-to-date rates and rules, and services to help Members take products to market quickly, in compliance with applicable regulations, and without a significant investment in resources. Talk to us to learn how AAIS can help you with your auto insurance needs.

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Ash Naik

Written by Ash Naik

Ash Naik is AAIS Product Manager for Commercial and Personal Auto. Ash is an experienced software product manager, having worked at Microsoft and Dell before entering the start-up landscape as Cofounder and CEO of SalesPal and Mandovi, developing a long history of shipping high-quality, cutting-edge technology products that enable digital transformation in IT infrastructure and application infrastructure. Ash brings his passion for products, packaging, and experience design from the technology sector to the insurance industry. He has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from the University of Washington Foster School of Business, and mentors first year MBA students looking to make a career in the technology space. He looks forward to helping AAIS Members meet the challenges in the auto insurance market.

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