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Ash Naik is AAIS Product Manager for Commercial and Personal Auto. Ash is an experienced software product manager, having worked at Microsoft and Dell before entering the start-up landscape as Cofounder and CEO of SalesPal and Mandovi, developing a long history of shipping high-quality, cutting-edge technology products that enable digital transformation in IT infrastructure and application infrastructure. Ash brings his passion for products, packaging, and experience design from the technology sector to the insurance industry. He has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from the University of Washington Foster School of Business, and mentors first year MBA students looking to make a career in the technology space. He looks forward to helping AAIS Members meet the challenges in the auto insurance market.
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Premium Leakage Problem

Jan 24, 2023 / by Ash Naik posted in Insights, Issues & Trends, Data & Technology, New/Emerging Risks, Auto, AAIS News & Views, AAIS Insights, Personal Auto


Premium leakage is a critical issue for carriers writing personal auto insurance, particularly with the rising severity of claims. However, by utilizing data and building partnerships with auto manufacturers, data providers and new insurtech vendors; carriers can take steps to limit exposures due to incorrect mileage and garaged locations. Join us in building a community to solve this problem.

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Fuel For Electric Vehicles: EV Needs & Efficiencies in California

Oct 13, 2022 / by Ash Naik posted in Insights, Issues & Trends, Data & Technology, New/Emerging Risks, Auto, AAIS News & Views, AAIS Insights, Personal Auto


Recent discouragement of charging electric vehicles (EVs) by officials in California in the wake of a severe heatwave prompted further research into power generation, EV charging needs and efficiencies as we move towards an “all-electric” future.

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Is UBI Moving Full Speed Ahead? AAIS Report Snapshots Consumer Attitudes

May 20, 2022 / by Ash Naik posted in Issues & Trends, Telematics, Auto, Commercial Auto, Personal Auto, AAIS Views, auto insurance, UBI, Usage Based Insurance


While the telematics capabilities that enable auto insurers to track mileage and driving behaviors continue to advance, Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) has  potentially been slow to gain traction among consumers. In keeping with our mission of working with Members to design the best possible insurance products, AAIS recently went direct to consumers to understand the reservations that may be stalling adoption of UBI products and strategies to overcome these obstacles.

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Keeping Pace with the Evolving Auto Industry

Nov 2, 2021 / by Ash Naik posted in Community, Technology, Issues & Trends, Data & Technology, Tech News, Telematics, P&C Insurers, Auto, Commercial Auto, AAIS News & Views, AAIS Insights, Personal Auto, Data/Tech, Insurance Line of Business


A Fast-Moving Auto Industry Presents Challenges and Opportunities

The automotive industry transformation continues to have significant repercussions in the insurance industry. With improving sophistication in car technology, telematics, and consumer behaviors, insurance carriers face new and unprecedented challenges spanning the entire lifecycle of the policy from research to claims. Still, personal and commercial auto insurance remain the industry bellwether as the largest product lines accounting for more than $300 billion in annual premiums.

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