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Dec 28, 2020 / by AAIS

From neighborhoods and schools to clubs and teams, communities are important. Communities come in many forms, and nearly everyone is a part of at least one. When our Members join AAIS, they are welcomed into a mutually beneficial community of practice, all focused on transparency, collaboration, and cooperation.

Support & Benefits:

AAIS is devoted to fostering a close-knit community where organizations are supported and empowered. Highly trained Product and Engagement Managers stand ready to build customized advisory solutions. Our award-winning Data and Actuarial team, and renowned Government Affairs, Legal, & Compliance team are now part of your team. As a Member of AAIS, you’ll never feel alone.

With AAIS’s new All Access Membership, Members have the modern tools, technology, and services to respond to their needs. From access to all forms, rules, and loss costs to exclusive use of AAIS technology, the AAIS Member community is well supported through every step of the advisory relationship.


Transparency & Activism

AAIS believes in open source development, relying on our community to contribute to our open platform as we develop the tools and technologies of the future. Ours is an open, unbiased, secure, and trusted environment that drives innovation, differentiation, and competitive advantages. AAIS Members also have the chance to collaborate with some of the brightest minds in the industry to build on the AAIS platform. We use Design Thinking to promote customer empathy and make sure new product and service developments always puts the customer first.

We know technology and collaboration are inextricably linked, and we see distributed ledger technology, and the openIDL, as having the potential to transform regulatory reporting and other processes in the insurance industry. Through the openIDL, regulatory reporting will be fast, secure, and deliver new data insights and analysis critical to your business goals. Learn more about openIDL here.


Engagement & Collaboration

Community engagement is essential to the success of the AAIS community. AAIS has established feedback loops to ensure communication and alignment surrounding strategic planning and execution. Members are also invited to join our product Advisory Councils, where our Members gather and discuss new and innovative ideas. Members meet directly with AAIS Product Managers and other community members to influence product development. Members are also invited to AAIS collaborative events, including regular focus groups, webinars and program pilots.

The AAIS community comprises a unique group of stakeholders from across the insurance ecosystem. We’re proud to work with such a diverse, engaged Member community to build more cost-effective and sustainable advisory solutions. If you are interested in the AAIS Open All Access Membership, contact an AAIS Advisor to learn more.

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