A Modern Membership: The Pathway to the Future of Insurance

Feb 10, 2021 / by AAIS

At AAIS, we are focused on delivering a Member experience that reflects the changing nature of insurance and the shifting needs of our Members as well as the insurance community. Our Members have expressed concerns about the value delivered by antiquated advisory models. Now, we’re responding with an innovative new approach to advisory services…our All Access Advisory Membership.  

The AAIS Open All Access Advisory Membership is a pay-one-price, open platform that provides all Members with plug-and-play access to all AAIS programs, services, technologies, and tools. This simplified approach makes participation and access equitable for all Member companies, regardless of size, and provides optimal value to AAIS Members…all for one set cost.


AAIS Modern Advisory Programs and Solutions

With the All Access plan, AAIS Members have modern advisory solutions specific to their underwriting and marketing goals right at their fingertips. No longer will Members have to pay per service; they’ll have access to all our best-in-class advisory programs, including rates, forms, and loss costs for Commercial Lines, Inland Marine, Farm and Agriculture, Commercial Auto, Personal Auto, and Homeowners.


Modern Advisory Services

We’re committed to providing outstanding services to our Members from the moment they join. Consultive onboarding services makes the transition to AAIS programs and services simple and efficient. Once a Members comes on board, they’ll enjoy statistical reporting services for all fifty states. They’ll also have ample chances to connect with our team and with other Members through regular counsel and collaboration with our award-winning Data and Actuarial Solutions and Government, Affairs, Legal and Compliance teams. Stay in the know through AAIS’s communication and learning platforms, including AAIS meetings, webinars, papers, market reports, briefings, e-Learning modules, Compliance Alerts, Product updates, Advisory Reports, and more


Modern Advisory Tools

AAIS is committed to staying ahead of the technology curve, investing in and adopting some of the most advanced open source solutions available today. We’re continually monitoring the latest tech innovations and employing them to make our services faster, better, and smarter for our Members. Through the All Access Membership, Members gain access to AAIS’s State-of-the-Market Product Delivery Platform (PDP), a platform that provides Member companies with access to electronic Reference Data and Rating Information Data Models; the AAIS library of Side-by-Side Comparisons, assembled using state-of-the-art software that enables comprehensive, comparisons of basic insurance forms and endorsements; the AAIS Policy Form Clause Library, an internal repository that provides private online access to AAIS forms and endorsements, rules and factors, and loss costs; the AAIS Underwriting Platform, an underwriting, rating and quoting platform for Homeowners By-Peril, Inland Marine, and COP, and more.



The open Insurance Data Link, or openIDL, is the insurance industry’s first and only data and information-sharing network that uses distributed ledger technologies to streamline regulatory reporting. Having created openIDL, AAIS provides Members with access to unique benefits including Preferred Membership to openIDL, Assistance from AAIS experts in establishing openIDL to perform statistical reporting and regulatory Data Calls, and referrals to expert advisors to assist in further application development and deployment. For more information on openIDL, contact an AAIS Advisor.


Benefits for Community Success

Our All Access Open Membership changes the relationship between advisory services, carriers, and support organizations. We’re committed to an open, community-based, and forward-thinking service model that focuses first on the collective benefits of our Members…helping them to build their visions for the future.


Join us for the Future of Insurance. Contact an AAIS Engagement Manager for more information.

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