e2Value SVP Discusses Trends, Impacts, and Shares Advice for Mutual Insurers

Sep 27, 2022 / by AAIS

At the 2022 NAMIC Annual Convention, AAIS interviewed Senior Vice President of e2Value Skip Coan about major insurance industry trends, their impacts, and his advice for mutual insurers.

One trend Coan highlighted is that the mutual insurance space is a changing environment. He elaborated that “mutual insurers need to advance, move forward, and adapt…and they’re starting to do that. It’s a good trend and it’s best for everybody.” Another trend he noticed is the importance of data and value. “I think today everything is about data and value – the catastrophes and other losses that have occurred are driving new value-added tools and insurtechs that insurers need to add.”

According to Coan, these trends have led insurers to take a broader look at their books, which means they are looking through the entire book and then narrowing it down to individual risks. In doing this, “they are trying to get a better understanding of what and how they are writing. Underwriting is coming back in style,” he stated.

What can we look forward to from e2Value? “Lots of collaboration and partnerships,” Coan shared. e2Value is currently partnering with different insurtechs and carriers.

To view the full interview, please click the video above.

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