openIDL Elevates to Linux Foundation Project

Apr 19, 2021 / by AAIS

AAIS CEO Ed Kelly opened the April 13 edition of AAIS Pulse newsmagazine with an exciting announcement: AAIS has launched openIDL as a Linux Foundation project. The Linux Foundation is the preeminent nonprofit consortium supporting one-source technologies that drive innovation and transform industries.


“AAIS has long believed the industry will benefit from more open access to common technologies, data, and information, which is why we built openIDL to streamline regulatory reporting using one source technologies,” Ed explained. “Transitioning openIDL to Linux sets the stage to elevate openIDL so it can serve the insurance industry, as well as any industry with the need to improve data security and privacy, while sharing information.”

According to Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director of Hyperledger, “Job one is moving openIDL forward now, improving concurrency—the number of participants – and the number of use cases supported on the network.”

Working groups focused on regulatory reporting and flood risk are already underway,” notes Johan Zerkovich, Head of AAIS Operations, and the point person on openIDL for AAIS. Participation in openIDL is available to AAIS Members as part of All-Access Membership.

Insurers, regulators and other industry stakeholders are encouraged to sign on and participate in openIDL working groups. “openIDL is a platform for the entire insurance industry to come together and collaborate,” Joan adds.

The full AAIS Pulse segment, including discussions about the openIDL’s launch with Linux, can be viewed above.

To learn more, visit the AAIS website, or the all new openIDL page at

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Written by AAIS

"openIDL is a platform for the entire insurance industry to come together and collaborate."

- Joan Zerkovich, Head of Operations, AAIS  

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