NAIC CEO Mike Consedine Reflects on 2022 and Looks Ahead to the Hot Topics for 2023

Dec 19, 2022 / by AAIS

At the recent NAIC meeting in Tampa, Florida, AAIS sat down with NAIC CEO Mike Consedine to review challenges and opportunities that emerged in 2022 and the hot topics and trends leading into 2023.

"2022 did not disappoint in terms of keeping us on our toes," shared Consedine. "The top issues were continued economic volatility, market disruption…major issues like climate risk and resiliency, cyber, AI, data...those have been historic issues. Coming out of the pandemic these became even more significant with…people working from home and virtual offices."

He also touched on the NAIC Annual Meeting, being the last one of the year, and how it allowed the community to review all the accomplishments for 2022 and set the stage for 2023.

He also shared NAIC's goal to be a leader in the industry regarding conversations around DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion). "Our membership and our executive committee…want the NAIC to lead by example. We are proud what we have done over the last few years to make the NAIC a leader in DEI," said Consedine. "One of the things we hope to do is provide a forum at events like this to talk about what we are doing, best practices, and make an effort that we can all be on board."

He also discussed 2023 and what we can expect for the insurance market and his excitement for the work that will come from the incoming Board President, Missouri Insurance Director Chlora Lindley-Myers. "We have an incredible leadership team. They recognize the ongoing gridlock on the national level and see an opportunity for the state-based system to lead by example, and that is what we intend to do," shared Consedine.

To view the full interview with Mike Consedine, please click the video above.

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