Bob Hartwig Outlines Reasons to be Optimistic for Future of Economy

Dec 13, 2022 / by AAIS

Professor Bob Hartwig, clinical associate professor at University of South Carolina touched on the various issues affecting insurance carriers during the latest AAIS Pulse: Chicago presentation. During a time of immense political and economic change and challenges seen across the insurance market, he also touched on reasons to be optimistic for the future of our economy.

"In terms of things to be positive about over the next couple of years...we have already talked about Hurricane Ian, the current economic turmoil, all in the wake of COVID, but the property & casualty insurance industry remains strong, stable, sound and secure," Hartwig explained. "Absolutely nothing changes about that despite the possibility of recession next year, despite the possibility of political gridlock in the year ahead. This industry is one that perseveres through almost any economic circumstance you can imagine and any political circumstance. We've seen it all and been through it all." 

Hartwig also talked about the industry's talent crisis across the last couple of years, and expressed that at his university and other universities there is a strong amount of young, bright, ambitious individuals who are looking forward to great careers in the insurance industry. We shared that carriers can look forward to a motivated group of individuals still seeking to make a lucrative and solid career in the insurance industry despite all the challenges experienced lately across the market.

To hear more about what Hartwig is optimistic about, please click the video above.

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