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Applying AAIS Expertise in Remote Work to Remote Learning

Aug 13, 2020 / by AAIS posted in Community, Issues & Trends, COVID-19, Insurance Operations, Working in Insurance, P&C Insurers, AAIS News & Views, AAIS Insights, Agile, Remote Work, Executive, Distributed Workforce, AAIS Views


COVID-19 has caused an abundance of challenges for businesses everywhere. With protective restrictions, unessential businesses were forced to send employees home and, in many cases, shut down due to the threat of the rapidly spreading virus. These businesses deemed "unessential," however, are essential to the livelihoods of many, leaving businesses in a state of panic. How were they to continue business when they couldn't remain open? Many businesses that could feasibly function as a remote workforce have attempted the transition, and as COVID-19's threats persist, many schools have made the decision as well.

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Adding AI to the Underwriting Equation

Aug 4, 2020 / by AAIS posted in Community, Technology, Machine Learning/AI, Issues & Trends, Data & Technology, Events, COVID-19, Regulatory/Compliance, Insurance Operations, AAIS Webinar Series, Underwriting, Regulation, Compliance, Business Interruption, AI, AAIS Views, CONVR


In a special edition of the AAIS Webinar Series, CONVR VP Sales and Marketing Phil Alampi presented on the topic of "Artificial Intelligence: Creating Super Underwriters." Mr. Alampi discussed the growing impacts COVID-19 has had on insurers. With more than 75% of carriers seeing increases in business interruption claims, the demand for coverage is expectedly surging. This growing challenge has a positive side, however, for the impacts of COVID-19 have expedited the need for the industry to improve its ability to crunch data better and more efficiently.

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Product Configuration: A “Brite” Future for Insurance

Aug 4, 2020 / by AAIS posted in Community, Insights, Technology, Issues & Trends, Data & Technology, Events, Tech News, Insurance Operations, AAIS Webinar Series, Data/Tech, Insurance Services/TPAs, Modeling/Actuarial, BriteCore, AAIS Views


In a well-attended edition to the AAIS Webinar Series, BriteCore’s Director of Product Configuration, Tricia Pattee discussed ways in which technology can support product changes, product configuration, rapid product development while giving a competitive edge.

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WAHVE Closes Insurance Talent Gap Through Unique Talent Placement

Apr 20, 2020 / by AAIS posted in Community, Issues & Trends, Insurance Operations, Working in Insurance, Industry, Business, Insurance Services/TPAs, WAHVE, IBM, AAIS Views, talent, talent gap


For AAIS Associate Partner Work At Home Vintage Experts (WAHVE), filling the insurance talent gap is not just a goal…it’s a personal mission.

“Sharon Emek, Founder and CEO, and I both spent the major part of our careers in the insurance industry. We observed the decline in available talent as young people were not attracted to the insurance industry and recognized the quickly approaching baby-boomer retirement,” said WAHVE’s President and Chief Revenue Officer Bill Hunt. “We knew first-hand that attracting and retaining talent in the insurance industry, where specialized knowledge and experience is so important, was a problem and that the industry was facing a huge brain-drain with the imminent boomer retirement.”

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Re-examining the Insurance Customer Experience

Sep 27, 2019 / by John Kadous posted in Technology, Issues & Trends, Insurtech, Insurance Operations, P&C Insurers, Industry, Executive, Customer Experience, AAIS Views


In the modern, digital marketplace, the customer experience is everything. From retail to service, today’s consumers expect quick, complete and secure interactions at every touchpoint.

Insurance is no different – and with stiff competition to win and retain clients, creating a positive customer experience is more important than ever. Insurers need to shift from being a service transaction industry to an experience industry.

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AAIS Learning-Pandemic Coverage in the Age of COVID-19
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